Root Canal Santa Rosa CA

Root CanalA root canal is a dental procedure where the nerve tissue is removed from a patient’s tooth, and subsequently, a dentist fills that space with a material that seals the tooth from the outside environment.

Dr. Brock Thomas’ decades of dental experience have enabled him to become an expert on root canal therapy. He has been performing root canals throughout his 25-plus years in dental practice and his family of patients appreciate that when Dr. Thomas completes their root canal treatment, they will not have to go to another dentist (which typically would be an endodontist or a root canal specialist at another dental practice).

In the United States, root canals are successful in about 90% of all cases. Not all teeth, however, are created equally. Some teeth have only one nerve space while others may have as many as four. Some teeth have straight canals and others have curved or right-angled canals. Some teeth have large spaces while others are microscopic.

In Dr. Thomas’ practice, he will use his years of dental expertise to determine if a patient’s root canal to repair a damaged tooth will be a straightforward procedure. In most cases, Dr. Thomas will complete the root canal treatment at his practice. Only when he determines that a patient’s tooth will require specific challenges will he recommend to his patient to see a specialist. In those cases, Dr. Thomas will refer the patient to a great endodontic specialist in the Santa Rosa area.