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Maintain Gum Health in Santa Rosa CABy .

Recently, I saw an interesting interview on CBS Morning News. What caught my attention was a quick statement in the news program with Dr. David Agus about how inflammation in a person’s gums can accelerate conditions like heart disease and stroke. As dentists, we’ve known this for a long time. Dr. David Agus points out that the simple act of managing your own health is the future.

Our Holistic Approach to Dentistry

The more I studied the health concerns related to Gum Inflammation during my dental training at Tufts University, the more I became a passionate advocate for gum health as important to maintaining a person’s overall health.

The current thinking behind the link between gum disease and arteriosclerosis has to do with toxins that are normally found only in the mouth.  These toxins find their way to our main blood vessels and the inflammatory byproducts produced by these toxins contribute to clot formation.

The bacteria in your mouth belongs in your mouth, not in your heart or brain!  Simply put, gum disease allows bacteria to enter your bloodstream because of the gum infection breaking down the surrounding tissue.  This is like an open sore on your skin. Ironically, this scenario (unlike an open sore), while so bad for your health, often causes no pain!

At our dental office we take great pride in educating our patients on gum disease prevention and on promoting good oral health as part of an overall holistic approach to health. Our hygienists have years of experience in preventing gum disease and recommend that patients take an active role in managing oral  health, including quick followup and treatment for gum inflammation to help prevent other more serious health concerns.

By Brock Thomas, DMD