Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

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Along with our hygienists Mandy and Moriah, I traveled to Sacramento today. We attended a presentation by a world-class dental expert, John W. Rapley DDS., from the University of Missouri.

The title of his presentation was “Current Concepts in Periodontics and Systemic Disease”.  There is no doubt that there is truly a connection between gum health and overall health.  The bad bacteria in dental plaque found in gum disease is also being detected in vessels of your brain and heart.  Places they should not be!  Dr. Rapley maintains that plaque formation is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke.  Simple as that.  Gum disease is also being implicated in pre-term birth deliveries and even some cancers.

Some people are more prone to gum disease than others, but clearly even a “little” gum disease could contribute to a shorter life span.  Our dental gum care team, Mandy and Moriah, along with myself, will make every effort to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible. This is something we’ve always suspected, it is reassuring that Dr. Rapley confirmed this today.  If you or someone you love have any questions about gum disease, please call our office.  Simple as that.