Dental Resources

dental_resourcesInformation for Patients

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
Lists practically every dental treatment offered by dentists today, when they’re indicated and approximate costs for each; also read personal stories and the experiences of other patients.

Choosing a Dentist
Things to consider when selecting a new dentist such as price, the dentist’s attitude, how long the practice has been in operation, professional association, etc. will help you avoid problems later.

Gum Disease & Periodontitis
Learn about the most common dental problem and cause of tooth loss among all age groups; know how to prevent and detect gum disease plus when to see your dentist and treatments used.

Dentist Ratings
Free service dedicated to helping patients choose a dental practice by providing them with access to thousands of comments and testimonials about dentists posted by other dental patients.

State & National Dental Associations

California Dental Association
The state’s leading association of dental professionals; committed to excellence by helping both the public and member dentists stay informed about new technology and proper oral health.

Redwood Empire Dental Society
An organization of dental professionals with practices located in and around the greater vicinity of Santa Rosa, CA; provides a newsletter, a doctors directory and hosts events for its members.

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
Educates dentists to treat patients suffering from anxiety and fear thus helping ensure the access to comfortable, safe and stress-free dental care with a minimum of post-operative discomfort.

American Dental Association
Primary regulatory body of dentistry in the US; responsible for policy changes through its lobbyists and business alliances; imposes restrictions upon advertising and sets standards for dentists.

American Dental Society of Anesthesiology
Provides information to patients about sedation/anesthesia for dental procedures while advocating support for its members toward excellence in practicing safe, effective dental anesthesiology.