Dental Patient Reviews

Dental procedures such as Dental Implants typically involve a three-stage process, with intervals of time for healing between each stage that can last between two and six months. The entire Dental Implant procedure, from start to finish, typically will be six to eight months. It is a marathon, not a sprint, but the end result is a happy patient with a new smile whose overall health improves both emotionally and physically.

Dr. Brock Thomas has seen this improvement in his patients first-hand and the following videos chronicle the journeys two of his patients took with him. Both patients improved their smiles with Dental Implants, which in turn, lead to their improved overall health. Dr. Thomas has always had a strong belief in the role dentists play in helping their patients maintain quality overall health. His communication style, expertise, and experience performing Dental Implant surgery shines through in these dentist reviews:

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