Dental Sedation

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Sedation Dentistry Santa RosaWe began providing dental sedation for our patients more than 10 years ago. We decided it was time to add sedation dentistry along with our other dental services because we had patients who required more than just a gentle hand and supportive staff during their dental appointment. Through conversations we had with our patients over the years we found out that many of them had been traumatized in the dental chair as children and those early experiences simply would not go away. Trips to the dentist as adults would often fill them with anxiety due to these past experiences.

We learned sedation and sleep dentistry techniques by attending classes on how to sedate patients with oral medications that are safe and effective. We use medications that are in the valium family but at a stronger level. These medications provide a relaxed feeling that will often allow patients to fall asleep in the dental chair. Often, our patients tell us they cannot even remember their appointment. These medications are also effective for patients who have a tough time with the process of numbing or have a strong gag reflex.

If you are interested in dental sedation, please give us a call. We’ll explain how  everything works and provide the most comfortable dental care for you. When I talk with new patients to discuss their needs I also explain our process in order to provide the most appropriate dental sedation technique. We want to do what is best for you as our patient and it is important to us that each of our patients is cared for as a unique individual.