Dental Implants Santa Rosa CA

Dental Implants in Santa RosaDental implants offer a great solution for replacing any missing teeth or as a fixed treatment that gives you an alternative to wearing removable partial or complete dentures. Dental implants offer excellent support and stability for our patients through dental surgery to place artificial roots and teeth (often titanium) into the upper or lower jaw bone. The teeth attached to the dental implants look natural and more importantly, give our patients back their smile!

When we place dental implants you can expect them to be durable and long-lasting, often only requiring occasional retightening, or more rarely, replacement due to normal wear.

Typically, we advise our patients to consider the following questions when contemplating oral surgery to place dental implants:

A remarkable procedure, dental implants can replace any or all of your teeth. The implant becomes integrated with the bone, acting like a “bolt” that will ultimately support a new tooth prosthesis. The advantages of dental implants for patients with dentures are: denture stability, increased patient comfort, and confidence. Dr. Thomas provides implant treatment to replace missing teeth with something that will be completely solid and never decay. The success rate of of implants is about 95% after 15 years.

We can also perform other dental restorations such as crowns, white fillings (mercury-free), dentures and partial dentures, bridges, and root canal therapy:

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Many people believe that once they have dentures, they no longer need regular dental care. Denture wearers require regular exams to ensure their health, comfort and appearance. Gum tissues are in a constant state of change. Periodic relining of the dentures may be necessary to ensure a tight and comfortable fit. Implants improve the function of dentures. If you wear dentures, you may want to be evaluated for the possibility of implants. Our dentist can also provide partial dentures and restorations.

Dental Bridges

A non-removable bridge can restore your teeth to normal function by replacing missing teeth. It will improve the entire health of your mouth by keeping the surrounding teeth in position and can also help maintain the structure of your face and jaw.

Before & After Photos: Dental Implants

Before & After Dental Implants Photo - Santa Rosa DentistOne of our 32 year old patients was born with a condition that prevented the development of several permanent teeth. We were able to replace her missing teeth with dental implants and cover other ones with porcelain bridge-work. Once the procedure was complete, her brand new smile — and the implants — looked perfectly natural.