Cost of Dental Implants

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Over the years we have had many patients and potential patients ask us, “How much do dental implants cost?” This can be a tricky question, but I will try to break down the answer into its ‘dental’ component parts.

In our practice dental implants cost around $1,800 per tooth. But that is not the whole story. First of all, most patients want something built on top of their dental implant. Remember, dental implants only impact the root, so the implant goes under your gum. The connection between the dental implant and the chewing part of the implant (the dental crown) is called the abutment.  The dental crown of the implant is then cemented to the abutment. The cost of a dental crown and abutment treatment in our practice is approximately $2,070.

So, combining the three costs would then be approximately $3,870.  Now, THAT is only part of this story.  If you need this tooth removed in order to have the dental implant placed, there is a cost for removal of that tooth. It’s easy to see why there isn’t a simple answer. Some patients may also need a bone graft at the time of the tooth removal. Others need a bone graft prior to placing the dental implant. And some patients will ask for or require sedation. The only way to know what a dental implant cost will be is to start with a complete and thorough dental exam, which includes x-rays and models. This allows us to have all of the information necessary to make a proper decision on what type of dental implant procedure you may need and what the approximate cost will be for the treatment.

We have found that some dentist offices have dental implant pricing that is three to four times what our office charges. Remember, the ultimate outcome of any dental implant procedure depends on the skill of the dentist, proper diagnosis, the dentist’s supportive and caring staff, and the follow up care by you, the patient.  Look at experience also.  I have successfully completed more than 1000 dental implants in my years of practice.

If you’ve been putting off much needed dental treatment — including dental implants — because of cost, please contact us to discuss financing through a third-party vendor we use called Care Credit. You may be able to set up Care Credit payments to help finance your dental procedure.